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Ditmars Boulevard - Named after Abram D. Ditmars the mayor of Long Island City also know as "the heart of Astoria" during the 1800s is home to many diverse ethnicity's that mainly immigrated to Astoria during the 1960's to 1970's. This melting pot of foreign and American culture is home to many Greek, Italian, Cyprian, Lebanese, Italian and Arab families and businesses. Running from Astoria Park to the LaGuardia Airport many Astoria residents have named the surrounding are of Ditmars Boulevard to simply "Ditmars" Starting from the scenic view of the Robert F. Kennedy bridge, Hells Gate bridge and of the always lightened Manhattan, Astoria park is also home to New York City's largest public pools. These pools are home to many memories of the locals and are equipped with many diving boards and pools of different depths for the age and experience gaps between the pool users. The green relaxed environment has a picnic area that is home to free concerts during the summer. Paths walk you along the park while trees and the greenery relax you and give you a calming place to walk your dog or to practice yoga. On the other side of the park Astoria Park has basketball and tennis courts. Along with those parks a regulation track and workout area is open throughout the week for constant enjoyment. On the corner of 19th street and Ditmars Boulevard is home to a local Greek restaurant favorite "Agnati" is able to satisfy your Greek food hungers with a stunning cuisine straight from Mount Olympus.

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Progressing further up Ditmars Boulevard a clash of modern Astoria culture seems to quietly blend in with the the old. The famous "Pizza Palace" is still in business after many years while adjacently and diagonally facing new neighbors. On the corner of Ditmars Boulevard and 31st street and in the immediate area one may feel the city hustle and bustle due to the many banks, restaurants, shops, supermarkets and the N and W train. The N and W train being the main mode of public transportation does not seem to disappoint it's local riders. The new trains, cleanliness, convenient stops and reliable service makes Astoria residents happy whether it may be a student going to school, or an adult going to work. The N and W trains run from the Ditmars area through Manhattan and eventually to Brooklyn stopping at Time Square, Herald Square, NYU and 59th and Lexington.

Moving along Ditmars Boulevard the diversity pops out to the visitor while seeming normal to locals. Russian barbershops border Japanese cuisine and Thai restaurants border Arab deli's. New chic restaurants replace the old boring ones with their own "spice" such as Mojave a new South Eastern restaurant located on 31st between Ditmars and 23rd Avenue. The strong combination of excellent food, great service and bar full of exotic cocktails are available at this hip restaurant that draws crowds of all ages looking for a good time. Home to many apartment buildings the Ditmars area is very appealing to those who want that Manhattan feeling without that city price. Everything is available on or right off Ditmars Boulevard. Apparel and footwear stores are abundant. Footlocker on 31st between Ditmars and 23rd avenue allows you to keep in style with your footwear and athletic apparel. Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Baptist churches are located in the close vicinity and always have full sermons. Ditmars laundry, florists and pharmacies located directly on Ditmars Boulevard makes Ditmars an even more convenient location with every need able to be met with just a short walk.

Reading all of this the prospective Ditmar's resident would ask: why Ditmars? Ditmars is a safe community of different people of many origins that shows Americas agreeableness to coexist with others in a peaceful happy way. The Bohemian Beer Garden near the Astoria Boulevard train stop is a great place for socialization gaining popularity as one of New York's States few beer gardens still in existence. The Ditmars area is home to schools such as P.S. 122 and I.S 141 right off Ditmars. Parks are always nearby chock full of kids playing baseball and joggers getting their daily workout done. The Upper Ditmars area is full of proud homeowners who take pride in the Ditmars name, revealing it in their new elaborate homes. While Ditmars is rooted in history, the changes are only for the good and make the Ditmars Boulevard area a great place to live and enjoy your life.

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